PURALP natural products

"Inspired by the Alps"

At our head office located in Fischen im Allgäu, we are surrounded by a magnificent natural landscape.  The unique location in the heart of the Allgäu Alps ensures optimal conditions for our business.


The lowest lying point of the Allgäu region is located at about 600 m above sea level whilst the highest point, is located at 2224 m above sea level, the nebelhorn. The vegetation is not uniform and varies with the altitude and soil conditions. In the high-alpine areas, fauna and flora are exposed to special extremes such as icy cold, strong sunlight and snow-storms. They have developed excellent protection mechanisms during their thousand-year long struggle for survival. With their large portfolio of various plant species, the Allgäu flora are among the most diverse found throughout the Alps.

We produce our high-quality natural products with inspiration from these wondrous forces of nature and intelligent active Alpine ingredients.


Various alpine herbs have been used for centuries to the benefit of our health. Our recipes are based on old traditional and proven alternative healing knowledge combined with today’s new scientific evidence. The results are high-quality dietary supplements. The production of natural and meaningful dietary supplements for the armature sport enthusiast right through to the high-performance athlete, as well as the active participation in the prevention of doping, are the guiding principles for PURALP.


Amino acid complex with hydrolysed whey and wheat protein, beetroot extract and vitamins B6 and C

Amino acids are the building blocks for vital protein. Our body can however only produce the non-essential amino acids itself. The essential amino acids must be provided to our body via food or dietary supplements. Since proteins take some time to be converted into amino acids, the liquid amino acid complex from PURALP caters for fast absorption.